Your local government has decided to improve their community. Do you think they should A. build a public park B. build a public library C. build a public pool

The article suggests that US companies do not seem likely to follow ecologically sustainable forestry practices. The writer says that many companies around the world have started with these practices to gain costumers with their eco certifications while companies in the US are very unlikely to follow the same path. The professor in the lecture disagrees with the statement. He/She says that it is also important for the US companies to follow this trend equally. First the author in the article suggests that in the US no attention is given to the eco certification label by the customers. The consumer in US is very skeptical about the advertisements shown and do not believe it easily. So, it is very unlikely that the product can be marketed well with these Eco certification labels. While the professor disagrees and argues that it is not the same for all the cases and the people in US do believe some advertisements. The consumers trust certification given out by independent and reputed international organizations according to the professor. Secondly, the article suggests that cost of the product increases if the product is passed through a certification because it has to meet certain requirements. As US is a price based competitive market so low-priced product is preferred over high-priced product by the customers. The lecturer believes there is a flaw in this position of the author. He/She contends that obviously every market around the world is price based but when the price difference are small ( less than 5 percent) and the price do not vary by a significant margin customers also consider other factors while buying a product. Also, environmentally conscious consumers are observed in the market contemporarily who consider these factors. Finally, the author goes on to say that the US companies are not concerned about foreign market and they sell most of their products in the US so until the US costumers are satisfied their won’t be any problem in the business. While the professor disagrees saying that US companies do care about the world because of competition in the market. Like mentioned before, If the costumers are interested in certified products foreign companies will provide eco certified products in the US market and this can cause very high costumer losses to the domestic ones if they do not provide these products. As you can see the writer and the Professor have very different views on if US companies should care about ecologically sustainable forestry practices.
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