Some people prefer to learn a second language using blending learning which combines online lessons with exercises on a digital platform. Do you think this is a good idea? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Blending learning is a method of learning, which implies a mixture of online lessons and digital learning. In my opinion, blending learning is a very effective technique for learning a new language. I can say that, because I’ve practiced it myself when I was learning Spanish. There are two reasons why I hold the opinion that this is the most effective way of language learning, and I will explore them in my essay. First of all, taking online lessons, alone would not be as effective. If, you want to master a language, you must regularly repeat the material you get during the lesson. Human memory is a constant flow of information and, naturally, some of it flown out of your head after a certain period of time. In order to not forget what you learn, you have to use the newly-acquired information as regularly as you can. And in online language learning, there is no better way to do it than digital practice. For example, I used a mobile application to practice my Spanish during breaks in my work, and it proved very effective for me. Secondly, you cannot only practice a language digitally. As advanced as modern technologies are, they still cannot explain all of Spanish to you, for example. For computers, maintaining a meaningful human conversation is a major struggle. Furthermore, the most complicated AI systems still fail to form complex sentences even in English. So, for the time being, the only option for live language practice is with a teacher or a native speaker. For instance, when I was learning Spanish, my teacher explained many nuances that exist in real Spanish speech, which I was not able to learn through my mobile application. To conclude, I’d like to say that, if you want to learn a language, blending learning is the option to choose. It is a highly effective combination of life lessons and digital practice.
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