Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? It is more important to read or watch news presented by people whose views are different from your own than it is to read or watch news presented by those whose views are similar to your own.

Nowadays, people are exposed to various news about different parts of society. Some people believe that it is vital to receive information about the events from those with the opposite point of view. I firmly agree with this notion for two specific reasons. First and foremost, listening or reading the news from other points of view will broaden one's horizons. People who do not have the same idea about an event, interpret and analyze the situation differently. As a result, by paying attention to their views, other aspects of the story would become bright for us. My personal experience is a compelling example of this. Once was a piece of kidnapping news in my neighborhood and I did not know about that. One of my friends told me the story and he started to analyze the issue from his side. Consequently, I understood how I dismissed the details easily and concluded the event wrongly in my mind. For this reason, getting news from opposite views will open your mind to other details and aspects. On the other hand, when we get the information from countervails, we will learn how to look at the problems differently and it will help us to cope with problems easier in the future. When people are informed about the news from the other side of the party, it makes them learn to be aware of the dark sides of an event. Consequently, in future social challenges, they tend to analyze all the aspects and deal with the problems and situations better. For instance, research conducted at the University of Harvard revealed that students who have friends from different political parties could come up with solutions better than whom have similar friends in the case of their views. Furthermore, the pupils were asked about their peers and their views to prove the conclusion and it was completely true. In a nutshell, receiving news from opposite views would have a crucial role in our life. This is because it will broaden the mind and make us aware of the details to cope with the challenges and issues in the future.
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