do you prefer to spend time with a few friends or with many friends?

I would personally choose to spend time alone rather than with friends, however if I had to choose between being with few friends and with many, I would prefer the latter option. I will explain my reasons in the following essay. To begin with, I value my spare time very much and generally tend to spend it wisely. I usually use all my free time to read books. Spending time with the friends, on the other hand, turns out to be anything but educational. Therefore, it doesn’t really matter whether it is one friend or a group of them, in the end I will not be able to read even one paragraph anyway, as my friends are quite boisterous and rowdy. The only thing that makes a difference is that spending time with a group of friends it is more fun than with just one. Group of people always comes up with more games, jokes, strories and other entertaining ideas. Furthermore, sometimes we go to play football together. To use a proper football field we need to rent it and it is quite expensive. The bigger our company the cheaper it becomes for every person when we divide the bill. Additionally, in summertime we go outside the city and rent a summer house beside a river where we swim and fish. This also costs a lot and colletively we norammly manage to pay the bill without hurting individual budgets, In conclusion, I would like to stres that I prefer spending spare time alone, as during this time I can conectrate on doing something useful. Hovewer, if need to spend time with friends, then I would prefre a bigger group.
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