Some people believe that university students should be required to attend classes, others believe that going to classes should be optional for students. Which point of view do you agree with?

Some people may believe that attending classes should not be obligatory for students, but I disagree. Let’s assume that personal experience can help them learn about themselves and the world. However, when it comes to learning about academic subject, they must attend classes. To begin with, participating in classes can help them receive the tremendous benefit of the teacher’s knowledge. The best teachers can do more than just go over the material in the class textbooks. They not only teach us the knowledge that is contained in the book but also knowledge from their own experience and present opposing points of view. Moreover, they schedule guest speakers to come, give students additional information or show documentary films about their subject. The second reason why they must attend classes is to advance their significant skill, particularly teamwork skill. Teamwork skill is an essential skill either for study or future job. In addition, taking part in classes offers more opportunities for them to practice and make their own decisions. For instance, student will frequently be given group assignments, and students who usually appear in most classes will be different from those who don’t. They know about their classmates and exactly what their abilities are. As a result, they can divide their work for appropriate person and together work productively. In conclusion, going to class, students learn more than just information from the teacher and they can learn how to work with others effectively. These are not optional skills in life, so attending classes should be mandatory in college.
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