Some young adult get inependence from their parents as soons as they grow up while other live with their family.What is your opinion

As we grow up our psychology changes and we often want to live alone, away from our parents and according to me,this is a correct decision for the following reasons. Firstly in a third world country like India, as we are young often our's parents' decisions are imposed on us. We are not allowed to think freely or take our own decision and this hinders our mental development. In the future,we lack the decision-making ability which should have grown at a much younger age but due to the overprotectiveness of our parents,we could not. Researches show that one of every five young adult commits suicide due to depression arising out of indecision and frustration from activity. The underlying cause of this is our upbringing where we were not allowed to think independently and CHOOSE our own career. Secondly,our parents will not be there with us throughout our lifetime. So, we need to learn to live alone. We should develop basic life skills like cooking, washing dishes,and managing household chores while maintaining a balance with our work life. But if we live with our family we often get dependent on them for all these acts and this does not allow us to become self-dependent which has a very negative impact on our future life. When we are away from our family for higher studies or jobs, in absence of family members we become perplexed while managing personal and professional life. Hence in the conclusion, according to me,it is better to live alone, away from family members after a certain age to become mature and self-dependent.
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