When you are assigned an important presentation for work or school, do you prefer to work on it right away so that you can work on it a little bit every day, or wait until you have a good idea about the presentation?

For many people, it isn't easy to begin working on a presentation without a good idea, but I would start it instantly and work on it every day rather than wait until a good idea comes to my mind. I feel this way for two reasons, which I will explain in the following essay. To begin with, waiting to have a good idea causes time loss, and I think that if making the presentation is postponed, it will lead to a decline in concentration. Simply put, gradually working on the presentation prevent losing time, and as a result, having enough time to make it causes more relaxation, which causes more concentration. Recent research conducted by a university in Germany indicates that enough time is an influential factor in doing projects. In fact, in order to do projects (such as a presentation) with ease and with less stress, it is essential to have enough time, which comes with more concentration. In addition, I believe that gradually making a presentation leads to more ideas. In other words, if someone works on a presentation every day, they can progressively develop aspects of the presentation, which leads to more ideas and the best view. My personal experience is a compelling example of this. Many years ago, I worked at a company and had a presentation about the goals of the company business every three months. In cases that I had enough time to work on the presentation a little bit every day, many great ideas came to my mind gradually, so the result of the presentation was perfect as opposed to when I waited for a good idea. In conclusion, I prefer to make a presentation gradually and work on it daily. This is because I think having more time is an important factor in concentrating better and working calmly. On the other hand, spending a little time daily on presentations leads to more ideas because your mind is working on it constantly.
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