Some people believe that a college or university education should be available to all students. others believe that higher education should be available to only good students. Discuss these views. Which view do you agree with? Explain why.

Although many people might have different opinions about this, I personally believe that higher education should be only available to students who have already proven themselves. I will bring three reasons and examples to support my idea. First of all, If we look more closely, we can see that average or weaker students do actually waste many resources of the university and take them away from the students who might actually benefit from them. Some might say that these students have already paid for the tuition and as a result, it's not considered "wasting'. I think that although they pay for the costs, they are not going to take any value from these sources. So it is still wasting. For instance, when I was attending a lab course on campus, a friend of mine was fooling around with a very expensive thermometer, and it ended up breaking. Although he paid for the damage, it took virtually two months until the university replaced the thermometer. I passed that semester without measuring any temperatures even once. Second, low-functioning students slow down the whole class because they can't keep up. Even if they are interested in learning the topics taught, they always complain about the professor explaining the subjects too fast or they keep asking the teacher to repeat simple study material. I remember one of my professors couldn't finish his syllabus right in time because of these hindrances. Lastly, Most of the time, this devoid of productivity in the students is a result of a lack of interest. If they are not interested in their field of study, they tend to show lethargy. They actually end up wasting their time while they can invest it in learning other skills. For example, My friend graduated recently with very low grades, simply because he wasn't interested in his field of study. He is now working on a different career path and is actually successful. But he still owes money to the university and is working hard to pay his debts. Whether we like it or not, lazy students always have a bad impact on the whole class and it can be prevented by limiting higher education access for these students. Just imagine the benefits of doing so.
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