Which of the following do you think contribute most to an enjoyable vacation: good food good location good friends to travel with

Nowadays, because of the stress of modern life, vacations are a good way to relieve stress. A good location or food can help people have an enjoyable vacation. However, I personally believe that traveling with friends is the best way to experience a pleasurable vacation. I feel this way for two reasons, which I will explain in the following essay. First of all, I think the best thing about traveling with good friends is the fact that it can reduce the travel difficulties, making a vacation more enjoyable and even creating a unique and memorable memory from those difficulties. In fact, having good fellow travelers helps travelers deal with difficulties better, which leads to fewer problems or makes the problem easier to endure and amusing thanks to a good friendship and sympathy between vacation members. The experience I have had personally illustrates this well. One year ago, I went camping with my friends in a forest. The weather was very rainy so that we couldn't find an appropriate campsite, and after walking for many hours through the woods, everybody was tired . Unfortunately, we had to give up camping and return home. However, we all had a wonderful time on that trip, and now we will always look back on it fondly because we were all together and had companionship and sympathy with each other, which helped us endure difficulties and enjoy the vacation despite all the difficulties. In addition, people have a lot in common with their best friends. In other words, people choose the friend they are morally closer to go on a vacation. As a result, this makes the vacation more enjoyable because there are common activities and amusement between people and their good friends. My personal experience is a compelling example of this. The five friends I travel with every vacation are close to me, and I plan to travel with them each time. We have a delightful vacation with each other because of our common entertainment. We all like camping or playing pantomime, playing different board games, listening to music and some other activities in our travels which leads to an excellent time to have. In conclusion, I am of the opinion that good friends to travel with make most a vacation pleasant. This is because I think good friends make difficulties easier to face and maybe change these difficulties into a fun situation. Furthermore, friends have a lot in common, so that they have more common activities, which makes a vacation more enjoyable.
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