Summarize the points in the lecture, being sure to explain how they address the specific ideas about solar energy described in the reading passage.

The reading and lecture are both about solar energy. The reading passage explores the many supports for the use of solar energy. The lecture then builds on those ideas and presents further information about the benefits of solar energy. First of all, according to the reading, the usage of solar energy will reduce the dependency of fossil fuels like oil. It also emphasizes, that there are no limitations of the energy, and so it's a good alternative to old energy sources. The lecture then goes on to explain that although the production of the solar panels needs a lot of energy, it's gained back after 5 years after production. Therefore, in the long run, solar panels make up for the energy used in making them. Secondly, the reading says solar panels can be used in many ways. This is supported by the lecture through the examples of people controlling their energy instead of just relying on the energy company to do it for them. Also, it says that people controlling their own energy limits wast. Thirdly, the reading passage also gives information about the advantages of costs. You only have to buy the panels at the beginning, but there are fewer maintenance costs in the next years. The lecturer also underlines this advantage by mentioning additional positive tax effects, which offset the cost of installation. Moreover, people can even make money by creating excess energy and then selling it to other people. In conclusion, the reading passage and the lecture are both about solar energy. They both emphasize the advantages of solar energy because of the renewability characteristic of the energy, the avoidance of pollution, and also some financial benefits like less maintenance and positive tax effects.
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