Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Parents today are more involved in their children’s education than were parents in the past.Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Nowadays, more parents are hoping their children to go to prestigious universities and companies. Under such a situation, it is presumable that they are more likely to get involved in their children’s education. In the beginning, many parents support their children to enter a top university. Since going to a high-rank university helps children ascend the social ladder, they encourage their children to accomplish their academic achievements. In my case, my mother helped me go to one of the prestigious universities in Japan. Since in Japan usually our skills and abilities are proven by our academic history, my mother always encouraged me to go to top schools. In specific, she helped me concentrate on my study and advised me on how to improve my weak subjects. As a result, I passed the entrance exam of the university I wanted to go to. Indeed, many parents are supportive of their children because of the importance of their children’s academic achievement. Moreover, many parents get involved in their children’s education because their studies lead them to high-paying industries. Many profitable Japanese companies have recently required high academic histories and various academic experiences when choosing potential employees to survive in the more competitive global market. Under such a situation, many parents aid their children to acquire conducive skills such as programming and finance since their childhood to enable them to engage in high-paying companies. Thus, many parents help their children acquire useful skills to work at high-income companies. Furthermore, many parents are more enthusiastic about their children’s education because many of them nowadays have only one child. In many developed countries, many parents have only one child recently because they want to invest tons of money and time in their child’s education for entering top universities. For example, my friend is strictly disciplined to go to the same university as me. Because she is only-one child, her parents chose her study plan and cram school to pass the entrance exam of the university. They also helped her review lessons. Thus, many parents get involved in their children’s education not to fail their parenting. In conclusion, many parents are more likely to get involved in their children’s learning. Without their involvement, many children would fail to enter top schools and high-income companies in more severe academic competition. If you are considering how to raise your children, I recommend that you promote your children to fulfill their academic achievements
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