Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? To improve the quality of education, universities should spend more money on salaries for university professors. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

How can universities improve their educational quality and attract more students? Which should they invest more, faculty or infrastructure? In my opinion, raising professors’ salaries could be the best investment for them to ameliorate the quality of their academic reputations. In the beginning, a higher salary could attract influential professors. Usually, their talents and research accomplishments are objectively measured by wages. Hence, they would be lured by the university, which offers them big monetary benefits. For example, many Japanese researchers get satisfied with higher financial incentives given by U.S. universities. Many Japanese universities provide them with high-tech laboratories and mediocre incomes. So, many of them move to U.S. universities to get suitable academic reputations and incomes. This circumstance shows that monetary incentives could play in recruiting talented professors. Moreover, many professors could dedicate themselves to their studies if they receive higher incomes. Many young professors in Japan get common salaries and face difficulties in paying back their student debts and continuing their research. In addition, they work at several institutions instead of their studies to earn money. To help them focus their studies, many Japanese universities should raise their salaries. If so, they are more likely to invest their time and money in their research, ameliorating the quality of their studies. Indeed, good salaries could encourage professors to focus on their work. Finally, higher salaries would encourage professors to improve the professor quality of teaching. Financial incentives could satisfy them well so they could make more effort to improve their teaching. Under such situation, they are more eagerly contributing to universities by attracting more students. Thus, higher salaries could incentivize many professors to brush up on their teaching skills. In conclusion, universities should raise professors’ wages. If not, they could not support their research and improve the quality of classes.
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