Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Young people today have no influence on the important decisions that determine the future of society as a whole.

How does the opinion of the young generation influence crucial decisions regarding the future of society? It is the best time to consider its influence because today we face many social problems. In my opinion, since young people have many effective methods to deliver their speech, they possibly impact the essential decisions to determine our future. In the beginning, SNS enables young generations to influence essential decisions regarding society. Before the advent of SNS, they had no tools to discuss their opinion publicly. However, now is when they can deliver their idea to the public, and many older generations have no choice but to accept them. For example, many Japanese teenagers use Twitter to question educational problems, such as mandating them to go to school even during the novel coronavirus pandemic. Their claim finally let many schools change their practices, allowing them to take online classes at home. This episode shows that SNS nowadays enables young people to impact social decisions substantially. Moreover, voting rights help young people solidly influence important decisions. Many aging societies cannot ignore their voice to raise birth rates, and the government lowered the age to have voting rights. In the Japanese case, the government has started to give the rights to 18-year-old, lowered from 20-year-old, to collect many opinions regarding parenting and childbirth. This has changed many policies to support them in providing more babies, such as building more childcare centers and increasing kindergarten teachers. Presumably, the Japanese government can no longer ignore the voice of young people to improve the young population. Thus, voting enables young people to solicit essential opinions that could affect critical social decisions. In conclusion, nowadays, the younger generation's opinion is considered influential in determining critical social decisions. Many tools such as SNS and suffrage help young people publicly claim their opinions, resulting in their voice in many social choices.
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