Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? When teachers assign projects on which students must work together, the students learn much more effectively than when they are asked to work alone on projects. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer

Many students are generally curious about the best way to finish assignments efficiently, primarily when assigned homework. In my opinion, group work is the best way to accomplish assigned projects because it would enable them to complete school projects quickly and learn social skills such as communication and cooperation. In the beginning, group work allows students to finish assigned projects rapidly. We could distribute each to complete the whole task efficiently. For example, when I was a high school student, my teacher gave a research project about world history. Since I did not want to spare time for the task to focus on studying my weak subject of Mathematics, I asked my classmates to conduct group research to complete it. Distribution of the group work allowed me to do only a few tasks, such as researching and writing about a historical event in the U.S. After finishing our divided studies and compiling them, we could submit the work to the teacher in no time. This personal episode shows that group projects could aid us in completing our assignments as soon as possible. Furthermore, group work helps students cooperate to finish assignments. Collaboration is an effective way to accomplish them because we could help each other to solve problems. For instance, I needed to submit a marketing assignment as a university student. Since I was not good at using mathematical techniques to analyze marketing data, I decided to conduct a group project to submit it. I cooperated with classmates, exchanged information about what we could understand, and overcame our difficulties to finish the task. This cooperation enabled me to acquire the technique and complete the assignment quickly. Indeed, group work helps us accomplish projects rapidly. We could improve our soft skills by conducting group work. We could facilitate communication skills while cooperating with classmates to accomplish group projects. In my case, group work in my high school ameliorated my communication skill. Since I was not familiar with my classmates at that time, this group work made me think about how to build a good relationship with my classmates to conduct group research. So, I tried to deliver my opinion and accede to my classmates’ one to facilitate our discussion. This experience taught me how to communicate with others and build healthy relationships. Thus, group work allows us to ameliorate our soft skills. In conclusion, group projects could encourage us to complete school projects quickly and learn social skills such as communication and cooperation. If you consider the best way to do your assignment, I recommend you complete it with your classmates.
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