Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Providing Internet access is just as important as other services, such as building roads, so governments should offer Internet access to all of their citizens at no cost.

It is an undeniable fact that the twenty-one century is a digital era, with booming digitalization the government seeking for developing better internet for their citizens to keep them happy. Although some people might believe that other services including building a road has a profound effect on their lives. In my opinion, the most concern for the government should be better and free internet access. To begin with, the internet has a significant role in the contemporary human life. Today every aspect of our lives is joined with the internet. The demand for the internet dramatically increased so did the cost of high-speed internet. nobody could name an industry without automation or any kind of internet involvement. Providing internet access to all citizens at no cost should be the first priority of the government. My own experience is a compelling example. When I was twenty years old, My parents moved out to a border city with poor facilities and internet access. I would suffer at the very first second I intended to access the internet which we paid too much for that weak responses. We could not do a single job out there because of the high cost of the internet and bad access. The only thought that popped into my head every time is that how a citizen could live in such a bad situation. my family and I suffer a lot from this situation. If the government provided good internet access without no cost, we would not be so measurable. Furthermore, every citizen pays taxes and there is no extra charge for using a newly built road so the question is why a taxed paid citizen has to pay an extra fee for the internet. Nowadays, having free internet access has to be a human right. In addition, every citizen for the mondain duties and works have to use the internet. However, every individual would not engage into other services such as using a roads or even they commute at all. Take my sister as an example. She is a php freelancer. she stays at her home without going out for several days and do her jobs only by the internet. So why she should pay taxes for the service she is not using it while pay a great deal of money for the internet. To conclude, I am of the opinion that government should provide free internet access due to the fact that every individuals do not use the other services everyday but they do use internet for their job and also they have not fair to a less wealth city to pay for the internet because they do not get the same speed.
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