leaders like john f. Kennedy and martin Luther king have made important contributions to the people of the united states. name another world leader you think is important.

By exploring the world's history, we observe a lot of leaders who have an effective role in individuals' life. Some leaders are known as good ones because of their positive effects, they love human beings and try to do their best for humanity, but some are known as bad leaders because of their destructive effects such as beginning wars and killing people. In my opinion, Gandhi is one of the most important and influential leaders in a good way. I have this idea because of a couple of reasons. First of all, he changed Indian people's lives in a better way. Indian's beliefs, way of thinking, and general lifestyle changed. Before Gandhi, Indian society was living in poverty. They were suffering from severe class differences; some were so rich, but many Indian families were living in extreme poverty without knowing their rights. Gandhi informed them about their rights, and learnt them that all human beings are the same and have equal rights. After that they found out that they have to defend their rights as a result, Gandhi improved the living condition of Indians. Additionally, Gandhi became a role model. After the success of Indians in taking back their rights, people worldwide found out that they can defend their rights too, and despite the power and influence of their rivals, they can wine like Indian poor society. So Gandhi could change poor people's minds in the world. To sum up, Gandhi is one of the most influential leaders who made the world a better place because of his influence not only on Indian society but also all over the world. A great leader like him is sadly absent these days.
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