Many professionals such as doctors and teachers are leaving their own poorer countries to work in developed countries. What problems does this cause? What solutions do you suggest to deal with this solutions?

Nowadays, migration of professionals is a serious concern. Loss of skilled human professionals weakens the development, growth and economy of the country which leads to problems like poverty and unemployment. But what is causing professionals to leave their country. Let us discuss this problem and what steps can be taken to deal with this situations. Professionals pursue higher degree and want to achieve a good lavish lifestyle. But these professional who belong to underdeveloped countries cannot achieve the lifestyle they always wanted and it is difficult to meet these facilities in their country. They cannot earn more compared to other developed nations. Doctors profession is very hard because sometimes they have to monitor patients without any cost as they are unable to afford it. This leads to the lack of funds or savings. In addition, many poor country citizens do not respect professionals. For example, in teachers profession, teacher tries very hard for the betterment of his or her students. If a student is failed in his or her end semester, teachers are blamed for it. Teachers work on very low wages and still try to provide best services for the students. Therefore, these problems lead to the migration of the skilled professionals to developed nations. So, how to deal with this issue? As a first step government should start providing deserving professionals with improved facilities. This will excite other professionals to work hard. The pay scale should be increased and work environment should be made fair and stress free. Governments should begin honoring professionals of respective fields with awards and incentives. Additionally, it will help country prosper in all the domains. In conclusion, it is extremely important for the poor country to stay away from deprivation of the skilled people. Authorities should step in and create an environment for the growth and development.
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