Imagine that a professor requires students to learn as much as possible about a subject in a short period of life. Is it better for the professor to require students to work together in a group or is it better to require students to work alone?

The time students attend university is so vital, and they may have to undergo some challenges. They have to learn all class materials both completely and on time. To do so, while some people believe that students should work alone, from my point of view, it had better to work in a group for two main reasons. The first and paramount reason is that if students work in a group they can help each other, so they would be able to get better results. To elucidate, when students work with each other in a group, they are able to both give and take some advantages of the other members of the group. For example, imagine a professor giving the students a section of a book like macroeconomics to learn. On one side, some of them may prefer to learn alone. On the other side, some of them may intend to work in a group. Students attending their task in the group can study the section. After finishing the section, they can restate and give a presentation to their group members. By doing so, if a student misses some points, other students would remind him or her to restate. Thereby, the strategy may help them to memorize the materials as much as possible. Moreover, it is widely proven that if people describe a subject to other people, they would learn themselves better and sooner, for they have to review the subject all the time like sleeping time. So, this way assists them in learning for a shorter time. Finally, if students do their tasks in a group, they may do more tasks as well as do them sooner. Furthermore, when students study in a group, it triggers competition. It is definitely accepted that people who compete with each other for a purpose would get more and better results compared to people who do not have competition. When students study or do their tasks in a group, they try to be the best student. So, due to this intention, they push harder and harder. For the purpose of illustration, I vividly remember when I was a student, one day my professor stated that he had had to travel. He also stated that the top score student would receive an annual free ticket to the cinema. So, the midterm exam had to be given as soon as possible. My classmates and I had to get ready for a midterm exam, and we had one day to study. We decided to study in a group. We studied hard, and we even did not go to the break. Eventually one of the students got the top score and then won the ticket. Although we have some motivation to compete with each other, human-kind prefer to compete intrinsically. Had not we worked in a group, we may not have competed with each other. In conclusion, learning in a short time may be requested when students attend university. To achieve the best result, they should work in a group because not only do they help each other but also, they can compete.
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