Some people will say luck is more important than others say hard work.Which of this you think is better.Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.

To archive success in your life you need to choose what is more important to you. Someone believes that luck is everything about a good life. However, others decide to work hard in order to improve the quality of their lives. As for me, I definitely think that working hard is a better way. To support my opinion let's dive into a few reasons. First and foremost, you can not always rely on how luck you are. It should be stated, that this is a temporary thing and it is possible that someday it just stops working out and you, unfortunately, become unlucky. To prevent this, we should learn and practice, have successes and faults, in other words,we should work hard. Your career is mostly about your efforts. Secondly, your life most likely depends on long-term actions. Actually, your knowledge and work are such types of actions. However, luck is a temporary one. Sometimes it may work out and you can even gain some money or respect from others, but without a deep understanding and background it probably will not take too long. For instance, 3 years ago when the crypto market rapidly grew up, one friend of mine bought a lot of cryptocurrencies. Although he had no experience in that field he managed to gain a lot of money because of his luck. Unfortunately, after a few months, he lost everything because he did not actually know how these things work. In addition, other friends researched the rules of new currencies, that's why they managed not to lose everything. They worked hard, learned new things, and for now belong to active parts of the crypto world. In conclusion, unlike luck, the result of your hard work will always be with you. I believe that it is important not to rely on your luckiness in serious decisions. Just work hard, it would be your experience that you are able to use anytime and anywhere.
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