Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? After high school, students should have at least one year to work or travel. It's better than attending university straight away.

After finishing school a lot of young people take a gap year. Some may think that the year when you are able to work or travel is a good option to choose before attending university. However, others do not think so. I definitely opt for taking a gap year. To support my opinion let's look at several reasons. First and foremost, a studying process is not so obligatory and you can take time to try living as an adult. There are a lot of opportunities to try some jobs, travel where you want and so on. Although finding a job or traveling abroad may seem not so easy, nowadays there are a bunch of different programs that somehow help with that. For instance, 2 years ago I signed up for the Work and Travel program. Actually, everything went successful and I went to the United States and worked there as a beach lifeguard. That was an amazing experience. Secondly, somewhat called a free and independent year taking place right after your graduation from high school, so you can feel a bit annoyed and just want to relax. It should be stated, that the gap year, actually, is here to help you. Refill your energy to take another step in the educational process by attending university next year. You can travel with your parents or friends, find new hobbies, attend interesting events and make new acquaintances. For instance, unlike me, one friend of mine spend his gap year traveling to China with his relatives. He says it was an amazing experience. Moreover, he returned relaxed and ready for new challenges. In conclusion, the option to have an entire year to work or travel seems tempting. Although some people may think it has disadvantages, there are plenty of opportunities. I believe, it is important to find your interests and try different jobs before adulthood. And this time should help you with that.
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