Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? When doing research, it is better to use printed materials such as books and articles than it is to use the Internet. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

A lot of people face research work throughout their lives. On the one hand, there is a conservative way of doing investigations using printed materials. On the other hand, much more people use the internet for these tasks. I definitely think that it is better to use global web sources when doing research. To support this idea, let’s look at several reasons. First and foremost, a common place to do exploration is a library. However, to look through the paper materials like books and articles, you have to be in that specific library. Thus, you have to spend time getting there at least, which may take a bit long. Although doing an investigation on the web does not require spending extra time, you can find the same information as in a library or even more. And that is the very important advantage in a busy, overwhelmed world where everything is in a rush. Secondly, doing research online is more convenient to store your data and sources. For instance, you can easily store all necessary web pages in one place, group them by categories, or anything that suits your need. Moreover, nowadays there are a variety of cloud storage services like iCloud, GoogleDrive, and so on, where you can store your research and manage it in the future. For example, I have recently found my diploma research on internet cloud storage. Actually, for me, it was everything about nostalgia. However, the intentions may differ and someone really needs to access his previous notes. And, hopefully, that is possible via the internet. In conclusion, we live in a modern world and its tasks require modern solutions. The solution of using the internet in order to do research is a convenient, modern, handy and simple solution. It is the part of my experience, and I would be pleased to recommend this to others.
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