Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? It is more important to read or watch news presented by people whose views are different from your own than it is to read or watch news presented by those whose views are similar to your own.

In this modern era, news has a crucial role in every individual`s life. Throughout history, people always wanted to be aware of their circumstances, but there has been always a debate about the importance of different views in people`s lives. Some people prefer to watch news that thinks in their own way. On the other hand, others say that it is more significant for every person to face different ideas and perspectives. As far as I am concerned, people should read or watch the news which involves different opinions. The reasons would be elaborated upon in what follows. To begin with, we cannot ignore the fact that the human mind is limited first, although, people can develop their thinking and mind. Reading or watching the news which contains different perspectives from our mind, can help us to make our understanding wider. For instance, I always want to become familiar with different views, so as a result, I read different sites that include information that I did not think about it in that way. I am a big fan of soccer, last week, there was a debate around my favorite football club team's coach. My passion did not let me become aware of something, but one of the special sites showed me some information that did not come to my mind before. Furthermore, new thoughts and attitudes help us to improve our performance and even can increase our efficiency, for example in our job. to illustrate this., my father's experience is a compelling example of this idea. He is a politician, he always effort the be the best, so he always watches the TV news channels that have exactly opposite sides of his beliefs. He always advises me that, different beliefs can help you to become informed of many aspects of one thing that you could not view that thing in those ways. Thus, I believe considering those views that are not the same as you not only can improve your job and life but also make the opportunity for you to take advantage of various aspects of one particular thing. In conclusion, to the best of my knowledge, people should face different views. First of all, humans` minds are restricted in understanding every aspect of one thing, unless they complete their understanding from others` perspectives. Second, people can use other people`s beliefs to improve their lives
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