Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? The rules that societies today expect young people to follow and obey are too strict. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

When the societies started to become larger and more advanced, the need for social rules originated. People realized that these rules are essential for living conveniently in a society. Nowadays, some individuals believe that these rules are too strict for young people to follow while other people believe that these rules are critical and must be followed by young people. My point of view is closer to the latter group. I cling to this viewpoint for two main reasons which I will shed light on them in the ensuing essay. For the first and paramount reason, these rules preserve the society from disorganizing. To explain more, when the rules are so easy and superficial, everyone can disobey and do everything that they want without considering other people's situation in society. Thus, this superficial rules bring anarchy to the societies and makes it difficult for other people to live there and follow their goals. An experience in a local school in our city demonstrates this fact in a small scale. In this experiment, two groups of students were supposed to be taught to memorize a long poem by two different teachers. One of these teachers had to leave students free in the classroom, and the other one was supposed to apply strict rules for students. Based on the accumulated evidence, the class where students had to follow the rules was so organized, and the students learned the poem completely, whereas the other class was so disorganized that anyone couldn't memorize even half part of the poem. Second, these rules bring a situation for young people to become more successful persons. In other words, young people are willing to do adventurous things because they are energetic in this period of their lives. When they have not to follow strict social rules, it's possible that they do dangerous things affecting whole their future. Thus, by existing these rules, they have to follow some limitations holding them far from events which affect their future negatively. An example of my close friend makes this fact more vivid. When I was a student, my close friend immigrated to a foreign county to follow his education. In that country, young people were free to smoke marijuana. My friend started to smoke that because of his adventurous sense in that age. There was no rule and pressure to make him stop this behavior. Thus, after a while, he couldn't concentrate on his lessons and take minimum required grades in his exams. Consequently, he became fired from his school. As a result, if he had followed some strict rules, he would be a successful person now. In conclusion, considering foregoing points and examples, I believe it's essential for young people to follow strict social rules. This is because, these rules preserve the societies from being disorganized. Besides, young people are more able to become a successful person in their future.
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