Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Overall, the widespread use of the internet has a mostly positive effect on life in today’s world.

We live in the era of the digitalisation, the era of the internet. Although someone may disagree that the world web has a mostly positive effect on our lives, I definitely agree with this idea. To support this opinion let's look at the several reasons. First and foremost, the internet provides a new way to communicate with each other and not even with someone whom you have known for a while. On the global web you are able to find someone to share your interests with. For instance, you can find these people in online games, forums, or even comments sections on web pages. You can make new acquaintances or just communicate easier with people you already know much easier just using a mobile phone or a laptop. For example, I remember a covid-19 period when everybody in my country has been locked in their flats, sometimes alone. Thankfully, we had the internet and used it in order to see and talk to our friends and family members. Secondly, the global web provides the ability to study and learn new things in more convenient ways. It should be stated that, you can use some interesting lifehacks that you randomly saw one day just scrolling the news feed on some of the social media apps. Moreover, there are a lot of important courses on some platforms like Udemy, and Coursera. Sometimes you even do not need to attend classes to gain a specific knowledge. For instance, talking about a coronavirus pandemic, universities and schools, at least in Ukraine, have moved the educational process to the web resources such as Classroom, and Zoom. It would not be possible if we had not the internet at that time. In conclusion, the internet is the part of today’s world and it makes that world much easier to live in. I believe that the global web has a positive effect on ups lives. Moreover, it provides things that were not possible to do earlier in history.
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