In many places, students must arrive very early in the morning to attend school. Some people believe that starting the school day early is the best approach to support learning, but others believe that starting the school day at a later time in the morning would be better for students. Which view do you agree with and why?

Since human beings have always sought to increase the efficiency of children’s school performance, they have endeavored to find appropriate methods and solutions to apply to the tutorial systems, turning children into decent individuals for society in the future. Nonetheless, the debatable issue on which politicians have yet to achieve a collective consensus is whether commencing the school courses as early as possible in the morning is better than with a slight delay or vice versa. Personally speaking, my viewpoint is in line with the ideas of those whose notions are that the courses should be commenced early. This claim will be justified in the following paragraphs. First and foremost, since the habituations and tutorials learned from childhood carry over to adulthood and shape one’s personality, starting the school day early can be more appropriate than at a later time. This is to say, everything learned from childhood affects adulthood so that its influences are so significant that they lead children to be well-organized and achieve the adequate ability to plan properly. Expressing a compelling example can help to a profound understanding of this concept. As we all know, in the majority of Third-World and some advanced countries, compulsory military service is considered for adults by reaching a given age. The laws considered by officials in the military service are so strict that they may be beyond the strengths of some individuals, such as waking up as early as possible. Hence, those who learned from school to wake up early can pass such a harsh condition successfully. In other words, such people, who neither face a severe problem nor complain about encountering such an intense situation, almost always show better performances and operations than those who never tended to wake up early. such a condition is so indigestible for the latter individuals that they always tend to escape from the military and occasionally confront the strictest reprimands. Therefore, it can be said that all people will never face severe problems in the future if they get accustomed to waking up early on academy day, leading them to be well-organized people. Another reason worth mentioning is that by studying the autobiography of successful characters, it is revealed that these people are who not only do they wake early but they also wake earlier than every person. In other words, in accordance with the investigations of experts and scholars, one of the essential, crucial keys through which such people could achieve their dreamy goals and climb the ladder of success is to wake up as early as feasible so that they all confess to this fact. To shed more light on this issue, Steve Paul Jobs, the true epitome of a successful person who could turn the Apple Company into a best-known and well-deserved ones in the field of cutting-edge technology, and Cristiano Ronaldo, the exemplary man in soccer, who could defy the father of time, can be vivid indications of the importance of waking up early, both of these successful men admitted to the fact that they are in the habit of waking up early carried over from childhood and school days. Besides, they revealed that early participation in academic courses had taught them to be well-organized people, shaping their personalities and characters and helping them to put their desires and aspirations into action. Consequently, it may be said that had it not been for such people waking up early, they would never achieve the greener pastures they gained. In conclusion, according to the reasons mentioned above, I believe that since the benefits of commencing the school course with a delay, even slightly, are nowhere close to those of waking up early, the officials are never allowed to turn a blind eye to such a competitive edge and prioritize the procrastinating starting the classes over commencing early.
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