do yo agree or disagree? it is impossible to always be compeletly honest with your friends.

Honesty and its importance in relations always have been one of the most debatable issues in society. While some people believe that being honest with friends is essential in relationships, others think that it is not important at all and they can hide the fact. In my opinion,honesty is so important and I have some reasons for that. Telling the truth affects my personality, decreases my stress,and keeps lying. At first, being honest make my personal character. My behavior, beliefs and etc... together make my character and social level. Hiding the reality and telling something else instead of that cause that our friends know us as a lire and we lost our situation between them as a trustee. Secondly, I am a stressful person and hiding something makes me anxious. For example, last month I went to a trip and I hide from one of my friends because I did not like that going trip with him, after that,I was always concerned about that if he recognizes the truth. it will annoy him even if he does not want to be friend with me and it makes me depressed. Finally, maybe . The first lie is so hard to tell but just after the first one, we find out that was not so hard as a result of that, we think about the next lie and continue lying so after a while we hardly ever tell the truth and we change to another person who lies easily to hour friends. To sum up, I think telling the truth in all situations is the best way, maybe at first lying seems easy and beneficial but after a while it will have some irreversible effect on our personality and interaction with others.
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