Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Leadership comes naturally: one cannot learn to be a leader.

The majority of the individuals in our society are raised on the idea that people choose a permanent job and adhere to it for the rest of their lives. I am of the belief that people should tackle different jobs until they find their desired career. If I am asked to give my friend some advice, I will explain my insight towards this issue in the following paragraphs. First, if my partner is seeking a career shift, I will definitely ask her to find a job that drives her to develop her professional skills. I used to have a roommate who has spent ten years of her life in one job. She found out that she missed some needed skills in the work field. As I mentioned before, the best job is the one that pulls you out of your comfort zone and pushes you forward to improve yourself. Second, I think one of the essential aspects when deciding on a job is to choose a career that you truly like and ignore any other interferences such as parents' wishes or society's vision. I watched a TEDx talk presented by Basem Youssef who was a cardiothoracic surgeon.He shifted his career from surgery to being a stand-up comedian so he had a promising career. Although they are totally two different fields, he got the gut to leave the medical career behind and go for his passion. If he had continued to be a cardiothoracic surgeon, he wouldn't have reached the fame and success that he achieves and witnesses right now. That is why I really stand strongly for determining the career according to your interests and abilities. In a summary, if my friend is thinking of career shifting, I will recommend her to look for a job that keeps her ambitious and looks forward to developing herself continuously.Another recommendation is that she should choose a career that gives her full satisfaction with herself no matter what the job is and without any external pressure from her parents or society.
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