Do you agree that all students should take history courses in universities?

Most people see that changing careers is like a new challenge that may be confusing. In contrast, I see starting a new career is like a new journey. The more you prepare for it, the easier it will be. If my friend consulted me about a new career to start, I would focus on two major points, which I will explore in the following essay. First, I see that to start a new career, you should focus on the new skill that you possess. I mean the skill that you want it to be appeared. For example, I have a friend who is fond of imitating the voices of cartoon characters. He decided to start a new career in dubbing. So, he started to work on his new interest through using an application which is called "MadLipz". This app promoted his talent and gave him a hand to grow in a new environment before taking the risk to change his previous career or his comfort zone. So, to be aware of your skills and your interests will help you a lot to determine which career is suitable for you to start your new journey safely. Second, applying your new interests is dramatically important before starting your new career. I am of the belief that practice makes perfect. I remember when I was a student at the Faculty of Education, I received training in teaching. I went to schools and practised teaching with students. This training helped me to discover if I was walking in the right path. It helped me to ask myself if this is the career that will fit me. Moreover, this training gave me more confidence to start my new career. So, I see applying your new interests will help you to prevent struggling and to take the first step to your new career confidently. To sum up, if I was required to give my advice for my friend to choose a new career, definitely I would tell him to focus on the new skills and the new interests that he masters. Moreover, practice makes perfect. So, applying his new skills, will give him a helping hand to switch to a new career confidently
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