Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Because the world today is just so busy and crowded, we should not expect people to be polite to one another.

Nowadays people live in a rush, and the world itself is too complex, busy and overcrowded. Some may think in this scenario human beings should not be polite to each other. As for me, I definitely disagree with this point of view and to support this idea I am going to give several reasons. First and foremost, no matter how complex and busy the actual society is, it is still important to maintain relationships and communications in the polite form. Overcrowding does not mean that you should be rude to anyone else. For instance, I have been working in a customer service for a long period of time, and, actually, I can not imagine the situation when I can act impolite with customers as well as my co-workers. Sometimes things go crazy doing job. However, you should always remember to pay a respect to people who you communicate with. Secondly, besides relatives, people usually have close friends and wife or husband. The main difference between these ones is that, unlike relatives, you need to make a new acquaintance to have, for example, a friend in the future. I can not understand how is it possible to act rude, and impolite with someone and then be a friend with him or her. For instance, all my friends were my acquaintances at the beginning, then acting polite, and helping them, the friendship struck up. And if I have not done so, it just would not work. In conclusion, politeness is the important human characteristic. People should be polite in the society they live in to make new friends in the future. We should be worthy with other society members and acting impolite will not do any good job for anyone.
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