Question: Describe a fear you had to overcome. How did you overcome it?

It is difficult to have fears. Moreover, it is not a convenient way of living when you just have at least one fear that affects your life. It can disturb you, decrease your level of happiness or even affect other people lives. Thus, humanity should try to overcome their fear. Once I have done so and ready to describe the process and benefits. First and foremost, my fear was related to the medicine, illnesses, and the way these ones are cured. I was scared about vaccinations and injections. I remember the fear that I have when someone at medical centres wanted to do an injection. When doctors inject a cure, I imagine that this is not a cure but poison that will immediately kill me. However, I have managed to overcome this when I had a real danger to my life. I was thick with some type of stomach virus that have to be cured with injections. Actually, after some time of inner fight, I decided to do all necessary injections. Thus, after that, the fear has disappeared. Secondly, I did not understand all responsibilities. I was afraid of vaccinations as the process of vaccinations is usually the same as the process of injections. Hopefully, based on my previous experience, my mind has been already changed. When we had a world coronavirus pandemic, it was necessary that people were not afraid of a medicine as well as a vaccination process. As a responsible human being, I went to a hospital and vaccinated. It should be stated that vaccinations actually helped to stop the covid-19 disease. In conclusion, people should understand that their fears do not help them in their lives. Moreover, these ones can hurt others and mess up others' lives. I have managed to deal with my fear. Thus, I recommend to do it for everyone
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