Some people think that we can just leave things as they are. They look upon change as something that is unnecessary. What do you think?

There are arguments that individuals should be refrained from doing new things and must stick to traditional methods. However, some people are convinced that individuals need to venture into some noble experiences in life. In my opinion, I would argue that alterations in some activities and practices are essential to achieving progress and success. Primarily, it can never be denied that some people may become comfortable with the routine practices in life, which they are more accustomed. Clearly, people will not need to learn new things as they are already more cognizant about the activities that they habitually perform. For instance, in this modern era, the seniority group will find it confusing to read newspapers on an electronic tablet due to the fact that they are not aware of its new features and the proper operation of the gadget. For these reasons, the geriatric individuals do not need to learn the settings and the high technology applications as it will take them a long period of time to adapt this product of technology. However, it can be argued that the life of people will become more adventurous if they opt to new trends and experiences. As can be expected, the progress and success in life are often achieved when a person tries to explore new ideas and practices, which might be beneficial for the improvement of his or her life. To illustrate, a businessman, who have experienced failures in his or her business, will resort to new strategies in order to make the business more firms and highly profitable. This can be done by abandoning the old-fashioned styles and techniques while accepting the modern ways, which could make the people’s lives more favourable. The new idea, a new way of life and changes to the old way life often bring new opportunities to people and getting adapted to the changes is the primary means of survivals and advancement. In conclusion, there is a heated argument whether people must remain to the conservative ways of life or resort to modern trends. However, I personally believe that the ideology of success can be reached if people will embrace the new-fangled ways of living in the society.
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