Some people think that we can just leave things as they are. They look upon change as something that is unnecessary. What do you think?

There are arguments among individuals that change is not critical in life and still follows traditional methods. Especially youths now prefer change and are convinced with it due to the fact they expect that change is enjoyable and better for the future. Primarily it can be denied that a number of people are used to following their routine and are most comfortable with it which shows that they are happy with their comfort zone. For example, older people will not accept reading newspapers on gadgets due to the fact that they are not aware of the features. They feel satisfied with their circumstance. Perhaps they feel that routinely gives them structure, maybe they are not fond of surprises or confident enough to face different challenges. They believed that staying secure and maintaining current circumstances is the only way to live a safer life. However, it can argued that life of people can be adventurous if they opt for various trends and experiences. Youngsters embrace changes as if they can add to their meaningful life. Development creates new opportunities that can lead to growth. For instance, the modern job can bring a plethora of challenges on the contrary this can leap you forward to adapt, and acquire various knowledge. Finally, making life more interesting and fun, the various experiences can be good for physical as well as mental health. A few decades ago, a digital revolution took place in numerous technology fields. A camera-producing company did not accept digital revolution due to which selling camera rolls was the only way left for generating revenue during that time. This shows how change was necessary even in technology field, following trends could help to generate better income on the contrary instead they were stuck to the traditional methods which led to a decrease in their brand value and additional revenue. In conclusion, both sides have their own merits. However, it is also observed that change is necessary if someone wants to run with the pace of today's modern world.
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