do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Nowadays people are more willing to help people they don't know (for example, by giving clothing and food to people who need them) than they were in the past. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer Be sure to use your own words. Do not use memorized examples

Since the dawn of humanity, there has always been a sense of understanding between people that lead them to help other humans who need that. However, people hold different ideas about its intensity. Some people claim that in the past, more people tried to help each person in a bad situation. In contrast, as far as I am concerned, today`s world became a better place for people who need other care. The reasons would be elaborated upon in what follows. To begin with, in this modern era, technology has brought many benefits to finding and helping poor people. In other words, there are lots of charities or supporter institutions in most of the countries around the world which make the opportunity for poor people to identify easier and facilitate for every kind person to help them. For example, I am one of the volunteer members of our town charity, we made an online platform, and also established some offices where people who think they can be eligible to get our help can register there. In addition, we have many participants that look around the city and find poor people. Thus, I believe not only today`s situation is more desirable for poor people but also they are identified in a better way than past that making the circumstances easier to help them. Furthermore, helping people who need help has become part of our culture. Since our schools are working on students' minds and put this fact in their belief that understanding other people is one of the essential parts of life. So, children learn this and try to do this. For instance, my little brother, last week tried to give his clothes to one of his friends that is in awful condition. Therefore, to me, paying attention to people who need anyone to get their hand has increased due to the fact that our children learned. In conclusion, to the best of my knowledge, nowadays people are more concerned about poor people. First of all, there are a lot of charities that make it possible to get support. Second, our children learned this fact from the first stage of their life and it became our customs.
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