Some people will say luck is more important than others say hard work.Which of this you think is better.Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.

Life is all about taking the appropriate choices that lead to a degree of satisfaction. These choices may be dramatically hard because a wrong choice can cost massive consequences that man has to think deeply to pick what is suitable for him. One of these options is asking for the others ' opinions which I highly recommend for the reasons that I will explain in detail in the following paragraphs. First,taking a bit of advice from other people is not just advice for an obstacle .On the contrary, It could be the beginning of a promising bond between you and the person you sought help from. To clarify,I had a target issue in my first year in my workplace which was threatening my job. I called my supervisor for guidance and she was glad to give me a hand. Sooner, our formal relationship turned out to be a close friendship. As I mentioned, giving the opportunity to others to help you will not only get you out of a difficult dilemma but may also be a turning point in your life as you realize who supports your back and gives you a clear vision of the situation before deciding what decision to make. Second, taking consultation from others especially if they are older is massively crucial. On one hand, they offer you genuine advice without seeking any credit. They do it out of their experience because they went through a similar situation when they were our age. On the other hand, at some point in our lives, we need to listen to distinct views that could unresemble ours. For example, I was uncertain whether to call off my job or start my own business. My grandfather advised me to keep the job and start my own business at the same time. He was right because I needed a backup plan if my business suffers any difficulties.That is the reason why I encourage the idea of consulting an older and experienced person because it works as a reference that one can use from time to time. To summarize, as we live, we face various challenges that leave us confused about which path to take. I believe it is better for us to find a trusted guide or at least someone you could listen to or lean on.
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