Describe a custom from your country that you would like people from other countries to adopt. Explain your choice, using specific reasons and examples.

It is not easy to come up with a custom specific to my country as the world is undergoing a significant globalization process and the cultures are mixing or losing their identity. However, there is still one custom that steel holds out in my country and that is the custom of big weddings. The reasons I think that other counties should adopt this custom too are numerous and I will explore two of them in the following essay. To begin with, big weddings are giving a good chance for relatives to meet together. Nowadays everybody lives separately and even not in the same city. There are dozens of relatives whom I rarely see and if someone from my family had a wedding it would be a good chance for all of us to gather together. Relatives need to meet from time to time not to lose the connection. Birthdays don’t usually involve as many people, as they are not as important. For example, my brother got married last year and more than 200 people attended his wedding. I met almost all my relatives there and tried to talk and catch up with each other. Furthermore, coming to the wedding the guests bring money as a present. Sure, they can choose to bring other gifts to the marrying couple, but usually,it is money, and the bigger the number of guests the bigger the amount of the collected money. This is an important and useful custom, as at the beginning of the newlywed couples are usually in need of financial help to pay for their house and furniture. By getting a big amount of money at the wedding it is quite possible that the couple can fully pay for the house and move in right away to start a happy life without debts. In conclusion, I believe that having big weddings is a good custom in my country that should be adopted by others. This is because big weddings give a good opportunity to catch up with relatives who otherwise one doesn’t see very often and because it is possible to raise a big amount of money that then can be used by the marrying couple to pay their expenses.
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