Do you agree or disagree: young people should try many different kinds of jobs or career before they decide the long term career of their life.

Life is jammed with tremendous crises. Thus, people vary in solving their hardships by either talking to experienced people or finding information using the internet. I strongly go with the belief that people should ask a person with experience in fixing their problems. I feel this way for a couple of reasons which I will explore in the following two paragraphs. First, people should head for competent individuals while resolving their dilemmas. Since young people are quite naive, they need to consult people who are more skillful and witty because these people have gone through various situations that made them capable of fixing any issue with perfect solutions. For instance, I had an elaborate problem in my job to the extent that I decided to quit it. However, I listened to the advice of a trustworthy person, who convinced me not to abandon my work. Consequently, it turned out that that person was right because if I had left my job, I would have regretted it for my whole life. Therefore, we must ask for other opinions from people who seem to have more knowledge than us in unriddling any difficulty. The second reason for my point of view is that accepting advice from skillful people saves you a whole bunch of mistakes, and saves time as well. For instance, I was hesitant about which college I should join. I was perplexed about whether to join the faculty of Al-Alsun or the Faculty of Education. When I asked for a consultation from knowledgeable people, they all convinced me of enrolling in the Faculty of Education giving me reasonable reasons for their opinions. Therefore, we should require guidance from people with more acquaintance to avoid the consequences of our expected nonrational decisions. To conclude, rectifying problems needs an upper hand from proficient people because they have capabilities that we as young people do not have, and they work as a time-saver for us as well.
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