Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? When teachers assign projects on which students must work together, the students learn much more effectively than when they are asked to work alone on projects.

There are plenty of conflicts on the benefits of working together or alone on a project. To me, I believe working together on projects helps students to learn much more effectively than working solo. There are some reasons for me to hold this idea, which I am to explain herein. To begin with, group work develops the students’ social skills like interaction and leadership in addition to learning more about their project. In fact, in groups, students learn how to listen and respond to ideas that contradict theirs. I think this is the most important thing about social interaction that students can learn this way. For instance, I remember when I was at the university we were supposed to work on our mid-semester architectural project in teams. In my team, I had people of different mindsets with me. Despite learning to respect Ideas other than mine, I learned that to become successful, members of a society need to interact with each other even if they do not agree on some points. This is how group work can enhance our communication skills. Secondly, working can be more flawless when students share their ideas together and correct each other’s mistakes. Because every person has his/her own viewpoint, sharing it together with other people within a group will enhance the overall output of the team. When a person does a Project on his own, he is likely to make lots of mistakes because he/she gets too engrossed with the Work that forgets to notice his/her mistakes. Here is the condition in which having a partner or mentor becomes necessary. For instance, my friend Ahmad, once became so much proud of himself because he was a talented student, of course, he was; he insisted on performing the Architectural project of our third semester alone. After getting the agreement of our department, he started to do his work solely. But finally, our teachers got disappointed seeing his project with lots of problems. This is why I believe working in groups causes us to present a perfect outcome of our work rather than working alone. In conclusion, I do agree with working together on a project to learn more efficiently rather than working alone. Because this way we learn how to come up with different ideas as well as create flawless Work as a result of our efforts. Consequently, I suggest everyone work in groups in order to succeed in their projects.
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