Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? It is more important for governments to spend money to improve Internet access than to improve public transportation. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

We all have 3C product with Internet access. It is very common between us. Internet brings us more closer to each other. However, the public transportation could truly solve our problem. So, basicly I disagree with this statement. First of all, while most of people have smart phones to surf the internet, everyone leave their home to work, learn and entertain. In my opinion, public transportation is related to everyone. For example, there my country, Taiwan, have MRT system. It can bring 3 milion people in one day. However, we just have 5 milion people in our center city. So most of people will take MRT once in two days. Secondly, comparing to the internet access, transportation system cannot be done by independent company. That is to say, transportation system is complex more than the internet structure. For example, most of transportations system is built underground, and we should build the tunnel under the main road. If government would not host all the details, it could cause heavily traffic jam in the city. Similarly, we should know the detail of underground situation. And, I think that government could know where the pipeline is or where the eleictity line is. Finally, government can design the whole city with the public transportation. In that case, the system will be fully combined with people daily life. For instance, the MRT system is so convenient that we can use it to school, company and even the theme park in Taipei. So I can have fun without my personal car, and it can save my time. In conclusion, I disagree with the statement, because the transportation has higher priority than Internet access. A city could be considered as a great and loft city, because of transportation, instead of Internet access.
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