Some parents offer their school-age children money for each high grade (mark) they get in school. Do you think this is a good idea?

Children need support and encouragement for their study lesson, while they lose their hope and desire for studying. The parents should help them by providing good condition and give them motivation to study better. In my idea it is important that parents shouldn`t offer them money for get higher grad on the school which I will explore in the following essay. To begin with, children are in the first stage of their life and get every idea as they confront throughout their life. In fact, they would think that money is important and have value in passing the life. My friend is one`s example for it. He received money from his parent for high grad when he achieved in the school and he just think about money and try to study as much he can to get much more money. Consequently, this influence on his decision to make for his future career and just thing for money and do not deliberate on his desire and feeling. As a result, parents shouldn`t pay money for their children in order to create incentive to study much more. Instead of this leave them and give them inspiration to study better. Second, children need to improve their score and understanding well in order to be great in their life. Although, giving money for them would influence them and change their mind, they would get first priority for money instead of studying the lesson. I remember my friend how was my best friend in school. He has gotten well scores in the school and his parent always give him significant reward. While he finishing the school, he left the school and start a private business. In contrary, his parent wants from him to follow his lesson and obtain higher education and has better social state in the community. To sum up, parents play a vital role in the children life for achieving higher mark and stand in the school and community. They should give support and help for study well and show the methods to think and get better in the school and leave them to select their ways in the society. In short, they shouldn`t create incentive by paying money for them.
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