It is better to have broad knowledge of many academic subjects than to specialize in one specific subject.

Hardly are we witness that someone has no academic education in the contemporary period of time since being professional is one of the factors of a successful person in developed countries. Some people are of the opinion that emphasizing one field or a particular topic has far important to have a wide knowledge regarding different topics. Personally, I side with those people who are adherent to broad knowledge because of some reasons. This essay aims to substantiate the reasons for holding this opinion. First and foremost, the ability to have vast knowledge in academic subjects indicates that the individual who has information on a variety scale has more intelligence compared to others. In other words, there is a mutual relationship between studying disparate subjects and boosting brain abilities. Thus, the more information you acquire thanks to taking different courses, the more capacity will be created in your brain. Moreover, the more capacity your brain has, the more potential you have to master an extensive field. My personal experience is an example, while attending several courses in law, I feel I can figure out the solution to law cases more simply since my mind’s process gets speeder and looks for relations between issues. This means that the first benefit of having various knowledge concerns our brain abilities. Second, according to people’s personalities, they always prefer to choose fields to which they are somehow related and this makes them more professional. For instance, I am really absorbed with sociology not unrelated to my major study field which is law. Dominance in matters relating to human issues helps me to turn to an expert in my job. Despite the fact individuals who put all their consideration into a single major could be prosperous, the success rate is obviously higher in versatile characters. Hance, to specialize in one specific subject takes this opportunity to be known as a skillful workforce in the community unlike when your knowledge is extended. Third and last, as it has been claimed above, people could work masterly on their job if they acquired broad knowledge which causes them financial advantages. Indeed, when someone is professional and successful as a result, will have more clients or customers. This person will have a better social image and is more famous compared to her competitors. So, people even would be ready to cost more for her services. In conclusion, even though some people are adherent to focusing on a single specific subject, I am of the opinion that extent knowledge will boost our brain ability, makes us smarter, and more professional and it will provide the background for a wealthy life.
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