Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: “It is better to be a follower than a leader.” Provide reason and examples to support your stance.

I agree that being a follower is better than being a leader in a group and in the following paragraphs, I describe three reasons why I believe so. Firstly, I think, the leaders should improve and develop their skills for the benefit of organization, management, and unification. Leaders with their work need to raise their skills in a certain way. For example, in high school, I once became a leader in class and found the best way for class management. Leaders need to have skills and knowledge so that they can figure out the solutions to any problem. A minimal mistake is not accepted by the leaders. With these skills, leaders keep the follower under the control, yet leaders are responsible for the outcome of the task. A leader must be a good decision-maker as well as a convincing personality to make all the flowers meet on the same point to complete the task. For me, it is the most difficult task and I prefer to follow what leaders say. Secondly, leaders have to look for further improvement in the plan with their experiences and understandings. They also need to figure out a problem between followers and provide the best solutions. For successful teamwork, unity in the team is very important, and maintaining this unity is also a great deal for the leaders which the followers never face. That’s why being a follower is better. Thirdly, leaders play important roles in assigning a label to groups. The opinions of the followers will indeed differ in the group and not all the followers will be happy with the task assigned to them. But the leaders are expected to have the capability to extract the exact work from each follower. Leaders also must have an understanding of the followers’ specific skills as well to direct them correctly. From this perspective, being a follower is way easier. In conclusion, I think being a leader is a complex and challenging task and the leader has to be very much skilled. Based on the supporting reasons, I believe, that being a follower is more relaxing – so it is better to be a follower.
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