Question: When a new technological device becomes available, some people buy it right away; others wait until many have adopted it. Which view do you agree with? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

It is always exciting to buy new technological devices. Actually, it is part of modernity and using new gadgets makes life more convenient. However, I personally, prefer to wait and buy some technological stuff after a while, I describe three reasons why I believe so. Firstly, I think, when a new technological device comes to the market, it may have some bugs that will be solved in next generation. Thus it is a logical decision not to rush to buy something new. For example, some years ago, I bought a brand new mobile phone that had a touch screen instead of a button. That mobile phone was a breakthrough in the field of the mobile phone. So I was so excited to buy that. But there was a problem, the touch screen did not work very well. Since touch screen technology had just been introduced and utilized, it still had some issues. However, just a few mounts later, the problem has been solved and the new touch screen in mobile phones worked perfectly; but my phone did not. Secondly, usually, the new technological device is expensive at first. When times go on and the new device became the old fashion, the price decrease so on the device can be bought at a lower cost. In the same mean, a new device has a high price as long as it has no competitors. Generally, after a while other companies start to produce the same product; therefore, there would be similar products and the only difference is in the price. Thirdly, a new device rarely has diversity. Primarily, new gadgets are the same and have no difference. But just a few months later; as a result of the competition, the device would be manufactured in many different shapes, sizes, and colors. This variety, lead to more option to choose from. Whereas, porch something at the very first day these vast collections would be loosened. In conclusion, I think it is better to wait for a while and not haste to buy a new product. Based on the supporting reasons, I believe, that f people be patient and do not rush to buy a new technological device, they would buy it in better quality, price, and option.
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