It is better being a follower than a leader. Do you agree or disagree to this statement, explain with opinions and examples?

The statement above states that it is better to be a follower than to be a leader. I disagree to this statement, for three reasons mentioned below. Firstly, a leader is a person who directs and guides his or her followers. If a person only chooses to be a follower rather than a leader, he or she shall not explore new ideas at all. For instance, if a student only admires his seniors for their success and copies their ideas as a whole, he or she will never be looking for new ideas by themselves, as they are devoted to their leader they will always follow the same path and not be creative at all. For this reason, I disagree that one shall take the leading position to explore oneself and learn better. Secondly, the impact of being a follower will tend to lead the person to be dependent on their leader. For example. in a scientific research project with a leader leading the group, the members or the followers of the leaders will be solely dependent on their leader and do the specific work assigned by the leader only. This has a negative impact. This makes the follower ever again to get indulged in the similar projects never leading a group and being dependent on the leader always. This makes the follower lackluster only. So, for this reason as well, i feel its better to be a leader so that one has not to be dependent on others for every tasks. Lastly, its evident that being a leader and completing the task assigned will let the leader earn accolade and acclaims. Let us take an example of a football team, although many players play for the team, the captain, the leader of the team gets praised much than an individual player. This is because leader is considered the main person of the group. So, its better to be a leader if one wants to get praised by the people, as it says so for me i feel its better to be a leader than a follower. In conclusion, I clearly disagree to the fact that being follower is better than being a leader. This is supported by the merits of being a leader such as innovation of ideas, gaining of experiences, being solely independent and getting claps from the public, as mentioned clearly in the passage above.
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