Health and wellness is a growing concern for a number of people across the globe. Some people believe a well-balanced diet and exercise routine is the best way to stay healthy. Others suggest that good health has less to do with what you eat and more to do with how you live. In other words, maintaining positive relationships with friends and family is a better way to remain healthy. Which opinion do you agree with?

There is no shortage of opinions on the best way to stay in shape. In my opinion, I believe a combination of a balanced diet and exercise is the best way to remain healthy. I feel this way for two main reasons, which I will explore in the following paragraphs. First of all, a well-balanced diet has been proven to help people stay fit throughout history. Most importantly, cutting out heavily processed foods and fast foods is an absolute must for those who are overweight. My personal experience is a great example of this. My mother always used to struggle with losing weight. She tried so many different kinds of diets throughout her life. They were always focused on denying her one of the food groups, such as bread and grains, but never addressed over-processed food consumption. Finally, she went to a nutritionist who advised her to just eat natural and organic food in the proper proportions. My mom lost thirty pounds in eight weeks after that. More importantly, she felt stronger physically and more focused mentally. For this reason, I would start by altering my diet if I wanted to improve my overall health. Secondly, exercise is the next best way to stay fit and active. Working out causes the heart rate to increase and this leads to burning calories and fat. It is not necessary to spend hours and hours at the gym either. The most important thing is to get a little bit of exercise every single day. Drawing from my own experience, when I first moved to Madrid, I didn’t have a car. I had to walk 45 minutes to and from school every day. Moreover, on weekends, I would ride my bicycle around the local neighborhood to go shopping and meet friends. It’s certainly clear to see how daily, moderate exercise is a key component to improving one's overall health. In conclusion, I do believe that good health is best achieved by treating the body to good food and moderate exercise. This is because these two habits will eventually lead to a reduction in weight and an increase in overall well-being.
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