Do you agree of disagree with the following statements? which you would prefer to travel outside or within country. Use specific reasons and examples in your answer.

Our lives are too short to waste on something that we bored of. It is so important to know what do you want from life ,What your goal is ,what you want to spend your life doing .but, without being bored .I am on the believe that trying something new like doing a new sport, visit new country ,or even quit a job you are tired of is a must in our life ,Which I will discuss in the following paragraphs. First ,if my friend asked me about my opinion in career shifting I would support but I will give some advice. It should be known that quitting a job or shifting a career is not an easy decision ,we have to study the case ,and if you are qualified or not to the chosen job or the new career .as an example ,my close friend is a programmer ,but she wanted to enter the engineering field especially the interior design ,so I advised her that before she starts this field ,she have to be a professional designer and to sign in decoration course .at the end she did not like the design, and also she is an introvert character which is she do not prefer communicating with people ,actually I offered her to participate to this course because I believe that our characters are changing with time ,and you do not know if you truly like this something or not unless you practically try it . Second ,have you had enough experience to start .i am on the believe that if you want to know your passion or to be professional in something ,you have to try new things ,a lot of things. And I believe that we should take every chance faces us to learn something new ,it could be sport ,hoppy, or even a brand new major that has no connection with your current career. Taking the risk may seems to people a difficult thing ,or it could ruin their life one day .but my vision that taking the risk opens you gates to learn new thing every time. When I was at the first year of the university there was a double major program to the talented students with high rank of gpa .and my major was architectural engineering ,which I am so interested in, but I am kind of people who like different types of things, who have a lot of hobbies am a multi-passionate character. I am an artist, I do love design, planning, and thing that need creative thinking, which is related to architecture. But ,I also have this personality that obsessed with math , mechanics ,and physics and have interests in programming. So, I decided to participate in the double major program and study Mechatronics in addition to my current major. And I do not regret it ,I learn lot of things every day. To conclude, If you are not comfortable with your current major In your college, or you want to make a difference in your life by shifting career, do not be hesitant, just do it with a conscious mind and critical thinking ,life is too short to not to take the risk .
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