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I am of the belief that, current times are hard, and changing jobs is not an easy task, and it requires a well-thought process. One should not attempt to change their professional life lightly, However, they need to step back and think through the pros and cons of their coming decisions. If my friend lacks insight in this regard to this drastic change, I would present to them my insight through the following paragraphs. To begin with, my friend should consider their personal skills and abilities before she considers taking on a job. A person with a limited capacity to spend with other people would not be recommended to do a job that requires regular daily interactions with customers. For instance, my sister last year took a job as a football coach, but did not consider the amount of time she is required to spend with other people. As Result, my sister had to let the job go due to the pressure of being a coach and leader to a group of people. Fortunately, she was able to get a different job, she paid closer attention to her own capacity and as result, she is satisfied in her new career. In addition, my friend should investigate the future of the job she wants to take. Frankly, there are many jobs in the marketplace that does not lead to hardly any progress or development in professional life. For example, my brother was a clerk in a company for over ten years, and he never got promoted simply because his job tasks are set, and do not require many skills. Although my brother was a hard-working man I do not think he should of stayed in this job. Accordingly, I would not recommend these types of jobs to a person with big ambitions. To conclude, I would advise my friend to have a high level of caution before making such life-changing decisions. Also, I would ask him to pick a career that is compatible with his abilities and skills. Moreover, what this career leads to, should be based on how much ambition the person possesses.
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