Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Universities should give the same amount of money to their students' sports activities as they give to their university libraries. Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.

Some people are highly satisfied with their job, while others tend to shift their careers. For some people, it is not easy for them to decide to change their job. So, if my friend is hesitant about making a choice and if I am asked to give some advice to my friend, I will deliver her my two pieces of advice. First of all, everyone should avoid job burnout. When you feel burnt-out, you feel exhausted and frustrated all the time and this leads to poor performance, lack of interest and increased mistakes. Instead, people should look for a job that does not exploit them in any way or take advantage of them. For example, my cousin left his job as an engineer and made his own business as an entrepreneur because he felt that he had been used to fulfilling the job requirements without putting into consideration how tired these employees could feel. Now, he has no regrets about leaving his previous job. On the contrary, he is delighted that he made that decision. The second thing that should be kept in mind other than job burnout is the salary. Salary is not only a significant factor in accepting a job, but it is also indeed a powerful one. We work to get paid in the end. So, if the earnings that we gain from our job are not enough for our daily needs, then we need to reconsider changing our careers. Any job institution relies on the law of giving and receiving. So, it is not legitimate for any institution to receive more than it gives to its employees. For example, my sister is thinking of resigning from her job because she has always been asked to do tremendous tasks and there is no appropriate salary in return. That is undoubtedly something that I do not recommend to anyone. To wrap up, if my friend was thinking of shifting her job, I would advise her to identify if her current job makes her feel burnout and also to consider whether the salary she is paid is sufficient for her or not. If she finds a problem with one of them, she should then search for another job.
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