Some people think that blblbl do you agree or disagree?

It is difficult to predict how our current way of life will impact future generations. Someone may think that the current way of life will have a negative impact while other thinks about a positive one. I definitely disagree with the statement that our current way of life will have a negative impact on future generations due to research and innovations along with healthy trends that we chose. First and foremost, a lot of scientific things and other types of useful research and innovations have already changed our lives. It should be stated that things that have already been developed are the foundation for future generations. For instance, a long time ago humanity have discovered vaccination, they prevented some pandemics. However, this was not a temporary thing, this knowledge is still with modern people, Moreover, we can use previously learned things in this area to develop new ones like we did with the covid-19 vaccination process. Secondly, nowadays we have some positive trends and habits. Today you can find a lot of people who go for a run, go to the gym, cycling, hiking. In other words, all these people are doing something that can change their life in a positive way, the way to improve their own health. And currently, that is a trend. Based on my experience, I have been looking to my older brother all my life. His way of life was closely related to a sport. Thus, I started to do sports. If the future generation looks at our modern trends, it would be a big advantage for them at least for their health. In conclusion, if someone asks me about the current way of life and its impact on future generations I would definitely say that this impact has a lot of positive aspects. However, if someone disagrees, I would strongly recommend this person to look carefully at the current generation, its life, and developments. And after all this person should change his mind.
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