Childhood obesity is becoming a serious problem in many countries. Explain the main causes and effects of this problem.

No one can deny that childhood obesity is a huge problem all over the world. And there are a lot of reasons why this can happen, but if I had to choose whether to solve it somehow or not, I would definitely do my best to overcome it. It is my firm belief that childhood fatness is an important question for a number of reasons, and I will develop these ideas in the subsequent paragraphs. First of all, we need to understand where the problem comes from. There are numerous researches saying that junk food and sugar have the most significant impact on children's lives. Usually, parents don't want to spend a lot of time cooking meals every day or literally don't care about what their kids eat, while they are at work. As a result, the number of children with extensive fatness is growing so much. To clarify, sometimes even sugar is more dangerous for young people than just fried potato chips or some other popular unhealthy meals. To demonstrate that, lately there was an experiment, where two groups of kids were restricted to eating junk food for two weeks, but the first one consumed grilled vegetables and soups instead, and the other one – filled the hunger with food, that consisted of sugar. The result was terrible. All of the kids in the second group even increased the level of their obesity. For this reason, I believe that parents should put more attention to what their little boys and girls eat during the day. Secondly, we need to investigate, how huge the real impact of obesity is and what are the consequences. The first negative effect is for sure the rising possibility of different heart diseases and ailments for the kids, who eat more junk food than their fellows. Moreover, this can lead to the prohibition of workouts at an early age, which indeed will cause even more harm to the child in a long run. That's why the problem of obesity is so crucial. For example, I remember when my ex-schoolmate Danya was eating a bunch of unhealthy food during our school years, and nowadays he has already experienced some problems with his health, and he is a regular visitor to the local hospital. It is clear to see why I'm so worried about the consequences of early fatness. To summarize, I want to emphasize, that almost all countries in the world face the problem of early obesity and it is becoming a more and more dangerous thing to resolve. But anyway, I suppose that we can solve this issue together, albeit it is crucial to start from yourself today and don't put it on the long shelf.
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