Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? “People should keep trying to reach their goals, even if they seem impossible to achieve.” Use specific reasons and examples to explain your position.

To begin with, innate personality traits of an individual are put into test when they are working towards a goal. It’s important that, while one is working for achieving his goals he should never think negatively when he is stuck in between. Rather he must focus on different ways to overcome the hurdle. Such an openminded thinking with constant efforts can improve his calibre and make him work harder beyond his boundaries. My personal experience is a compelling example of this illustration. During my sophomore year, I made up my mind to secure a rank in the top 5 of my department. I stayed all day at the college library to grasp concepts. Even approached my staff to clarify my doubts, beyond college timings. But I secured a rank in top 10. But still I was satisfied, because me being an average student in my first year, securing average marks, I improved my strengths and calibre in the process. Furthermore, even though if an individual fails in achieving his goals, he becomes knowledgeable of setting realistic goals. This will eventually improve his mentality and mindset whenever he begins working towards another goal. He becomes more precautious of his steps further ahead. Indeed, he teaches a lesson to himself on how to focus his upcoming goals. For instance, a few months ago at my workstation we had a meeting regarding a project that was on the table since a long time. My teammates suggested to dispose that project and start a new one, as it required unrealistic demands and expectations to be met. But I firmly believed that by setting short term and realistic goals we can deliver the project. Fast forwarding 2 months after, the project was completed and delivered to the client. But the client wasn’t happy with our delivery as we handed in late. With this lesson in mind my team began approaching the upcoming projects with an intent of satisfying the client and has so far successfully completed several big projects with top tier clients.
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